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T Level Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Outside shot of Ashford College

Course overview

In today’s world, plumbing and heating engineering are indispensable.From ensuring homes are warm and comfortable to maintaining essential water systems, the demand for skilled professionals is ever growing.

This is where your journey starts – this T Level combines modern theory with hands-on experience. Your guide? Industry experts who bring real-world insights to the classroom, bringing you to the next level. Your course has been developed with leading employers, who have packed this T Level to make sure you’re taught the skills the plumbing industry needs.

You’ll get started in September, learning the basics of the building services industry. Not long afterwards, you’ll begin an exciting industry placement where you can get stuck in with employers and companies where you can put your theory into practice.

Your work placement will give you confidence in your trade in no time at all.

Your second year will see you focus on the plumbing and heating engineering specialism, where you will learn all of the technical skills needed.

Once you’ve completed your T Level you can jump straight into an apprenticeship where you can get qualified as a plumber in just two years.

Meet the demand for professional plumbers. Make your own way and head up your own firm, or be a part of large scale commercial projects. The choice is yours – it all starts with a T Level.

Course information

In your first year you will develop a grounding knowledge of construction and the building services industry including:

  • Health and safety
  • The science behind building design, surveying, and planning
  • Making accurate and appropriate measurements
  • Construction methods
  • Building regulations and standards
  • Data management and information standards in construction
  • Relationship management and customer service
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) impacts construction
  • Digital engineering techniques
  • Mathematical techniques to solve construction problems
  • Construction design principles and processes
  • The construction industry and its role in the economy
  • Sustainability and the environmental impact of construction
  • Business, commerce, and corporate social responsibility

In addition to the core content, you will specialise in plumbing and heating engineering in your second year.