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Staff Spotlight – Momodou S Ceesay, Deputy Head

4 October 2023
Momodou S Ceesay, Deputy Head of Engineering speaks about his new role, his background and his interest in STEM.

Momodou S Ceesay is our new Deputy Head of Building Services and Engineering at EKC Ashford College.

We spoke to him about his background, how he hopes to inspire the next generation and his interests in the world of STEM.

What is your background in Engineering?

I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leicester many years ago. I also did a couple of junior assessing and teaching roles before going back into industry working in construction as a site manager and a project manager. My career so far has been a constant mix of industry and education and now it’s really exciting to step into this Deputy Head role.

What will I get out of studying Engineering at EKC Ashford College?

The College itself has had a significant investment into our Engineering department. We now have a new Engineering Hub which launched in September, which enables students to take part in detailed and industry relevant tasks during their studies.

As well as workshop activities, students get great industry experiences with us. Some of the T Level students are currently working for companies locally which have the same XYZ machines as we do, giving them greater knowledge and skills that they can develop all year round.

We also have KUKA robots which provide automation solutions for companies worldwide. We are lucky enough to give students a taste of the industry with the investment that the College has had. Students are now able to fully understand the basic functions of robotics and explore new worlds that they wouldn’t have been able to before.

Students’ future prospects for Engineering are very bright at the moment. In my past roles, I have worked with apprentices who are now involved in very lucrative jobs in Formula One.

Engineering student working on lathe

Tell us about Formula One in Schools…

Formula One in Schools is an international STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) competition which I have been encouraging our students to take part in. In the first term I went to Singapore for an event hosted by Formula One in Schools and it was great to see the amount of potential that the industry has in the future.

We have had several events relating to this in College this year, with students racing cars down a track down the Engineering Hub which has been great fun for everyone involved.

The competition is a really great opportunity for students to build skills and to see where they can go in the future.

What do you love about working at EKC Ashford College?

I love that the College has got so much opportunity for students to learn and develop over their studies here, from the T Levels to our Level 4 courses to apprenticeships.

They have also been so supportive behind the Formula One in Schools project and all that it has taken to bring it to EKC Ashford College.