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GCSE and Level 2 success stories

30 October 2023
We caught up with students on GCSE and Level 2 Results Day to find out what their success means to them.

On Thursday 24 August, we held our GCSE and Level 2 results day. We have had some great success stories from students who have benefitted from the expertise of the staff at EKC Ashford College. We caught up with students to find out what this means to them and where they can progress now.

Ichha Limbu, Access to HE (Healthcare and Nursing) and GCSE English

After a challenging year, Ichha passed his Access course and his GCSE English with a grade 4. He is now able to go on to university to continue studying nursing.

He said, “I am so thankful to the teachers helping me all the way through and I have managed to pass my GCSE English and Access course. This has helped me progress towards my dream of becoming a nurse by giving me the grades to do a nursing course.”

Ichha recieving his results for Access to Higher Education.

Ryan Hoye, Level 2 Electrical

Ryan has passed Level 2 Electrical and now is able to progress to the Level 3 Electrical course here at EKC Ashford College. 

He said, “I chose Ashford as the Electrical course here had everything that I wanted to learn. I am very happy I have passed my Level 2 so I can now go onto the Level 3.”

Ryan receiving his results

Anish Rai, Functional Skills English and GCSE Maths

Anish has passed both Functional Skills and GCSE courses this year through incredible hard work and determination.

He said “I am very pleased that I have managed to pass GCSE Maths with a Grade 4 and Functional Skills English Level 2 within one year. I am in full time employment and hope these grades will help me in the future.”

Anish receiving his results

Connor Roper, Level 2 Music

Connor has passed the Level 2 Music course and is now progressing to Level 3.

He said, “I am thrilled I have passed my Level 2 and I can’t wait to start the Level 3 course in a couple of weeks.”

Conner receiving his results

Bryony Parsons, Level 2 Art and Design

Bryony has passed the Level 2 in Art and Design and is looking forward to progressing to the Level 3.

She said, “I can’t wait to progress onto the Level 3 of Art and Design after passing the Level 2”

Byrony showing off her results.

Maude Hutchinson, Level 2 Business

Maude has passed with flying colours coming away from her Level 2 in Business with a Merit. After enjoying the media aspects of our business course such as

She said “Now I have completed my course I am able to move onto the level 3 Media course here at Ashford”

Maude celebrating geting her results.

Joshua Collins, GCSE English

Josh was extremely happy with his results getting a Merit in his Level 3 Engineering course and passing his English with a grade 4.

He said, “I am very happy I have passed my English. I am looking forward to starting work in the industry”

Josh receiving his results

Miles Furnell, GCSE English

Miles achieved a grade 4 in his GCSE English.

He said, “This means I can spend more time focusing on my business course next year. I am looking forward to the second year.”

Miles receiving his results

Asher Plumb-Balson, GCSE English

Asher is very pleased with his grade 4 in English after working so hard throughout the year.

He said, “I am so glad I have passed my English this means that I can focus more time on other areas.”

Asher receiving his results

Habeb Ullah Amin, GCSE English

Habeb was amazed at getting a grade 4 in English. He is ecstatic with the result meaning he could go on to further study.

He said, “With English not being my first language, I am so proud of myself that I have passed the first go. This will help me massively go onto my Business course.”

Habeb receiving his results

Susan Bonnet, Principal of EKC Ashford College, said on the day: “Congratulations to all our EKC Ashford College students who are collecting GCSE results. Our students are an inspiration, overcoming challenges and previous failure, to show the determination and commitment to study hard with us and now succeed. It has been a moving day watching so many secure their place at university, many more their place on their chosen Level 3 course, or their next step in a professional career.”

We are very proud of our learners and what they have achieved this year with their level 2 and GCSE Results. We wish them the very best of luck in the future.