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Industries you can get into with College

19 February 2024
College can bring you into a variety of industries, but here's some that were featured at our recent Careers Fair.

College can bring you into a variety of industries, but here’s some that were featured at our recent Careers Fair.


Companies involved at Careers Fair: gdm architects, Project Centre, In Situ Site Investigation 

Construction isn’t just about brickwork, there are a variety of roles that you can do, such as Site Manager, Health and Safety representatives, Material Testers, Building Surveyors, Project Managers and many more. Did you know that as of today 12% of the current Construction workforce are women? This percentage continues to rise day by day.  

Electrical student working on a plug socket wiring


Companies involved at Careers Fair: Hilton Nursing Partners, Fairlawn, Bluebird Care 

Caring is one of the most rewarding jobs possible, with you being introduced to new people, new environments and new opportunities all the time. Get to grow your impact whilst making a key difference in people’s lives. 

Health and social care student working


Companies involved at Careers Fair: Nationwide, RIFT Accounting 

The finance industry is a fast-paced area and if you have great numerical skills then this path could be for you. Financial data, economics, and number crunching could be just some of the day to day stuff you encounter here. In Finance, you will also make the most of technical and people skills that you will grow across your time in college. 


Companies involved at Careers Fair: Bannatyne Spa 

The variety in the Beauty industry is vast, from many different areas that you can specialise in, such as Manicures to Massages, to many different jobs you can get after your Beauty course. Beauty jobs can be found all across the globe, such as Spa Manager, Beauty Therapist, Nail Stylist and Film Make-Up Artist being a few. 

Beauty student massaging a clients hands.


Companies involved at Careers Fair: Brakes, Southern Water, Project Centre, etc 

Whether it’s creating your own company, leading a team or just playing a key part in a role such as project management, you can enter the world of Business! This area is quite unique as with Business, the industry is heavily reliant on what sector it is. You wouldn’t have the same experience running a Haircare business as you would a Engineering firm! However, lots of skills are similar such as communication, teamwork, presentation skills, data skills and many more.  

Students gaining experience at the designer outlet


Companies involved at Careers Fair: gdm architects and QinetiQ Target Systems. 

Technology is a vast area which covers a lot of different jobs and skillsets, but at Careers Fair, our companies let students explore different areas outside of their pathway which they may not have considered. Computing students looked at gdm architects who showed off digital models off construction projects which were all built using cutting edge software. QinetiQ spoke about how technology improvements have allowed them to test a wide range of defence systems with computers and the power they hold. 

Computing student taking apart a computer

Emergency Services: 

Companies involved at Careers Fair: Kent Fire and Rescue 

Much like Nursing/Care, being part of the Emergency Services is a key role in the country, with every day being different. Kent Fire and Rescue were at College today to spread the message about the importance of the work that they do, but to also tell students that there are roles in the company that they may not have considered. Behind our Firefighters up and down the country, we also have great Operations Managers, Media teams and Community Liaison teams to support this great cause.  


Companies involved at Careers Fair: College of E-Sports 

A more focused sector of the technology industry, there are many areas in Gaming. From game testing to development, creating music for it to incredible artwork, you could even get a career playing games competitively. This area has had a significant rise in the last few years, such as with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and Fifa.  

Charity Work 

Companies involved at Careers Fair: Salvation Army 

When you hear of Charity work, you may just think of fundraising and charity shops, but there is so much more to it than just this. From building relationships in your community, marketing brand awareness campaigns to organising big events to help those that the charity has collected for, every day is different in this industry.