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Introducing Jack and the Students' Union

30 October 2023
Jack introduces himself as Students' Union President and tell us how the SU can benefit students.

When you join EKC Ashford College, you automatically become a member of the Students’ Union (SU). The Students’ Union has lots of exciting clubs and societies for you to get involved in where you can meet new people and make new friends.

The SU is there to represent your voice on issues that matter to you and ensure you have a positive experience at College. You can help to make a difference to the College community by becoming a Class Rep or Students’ Union Officer and voting for your Students’ Union President.

Our Students’ Union President helps to organise a range of trips and events both inside and outside of the College, such as Freshers Fayres, Celebration of Culture, and visits to Thorpe Park. There are also enrichment sessions every Wednesday which give students the opportunity to have fun and learn new skills, such as Open Mic sessions.

The SU also has a football team which students can join throughout the year. The team take part in friendly football games with training from the professionals at Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

Ashford students playing at football Charlton

Our Students’ Union President, Jack, spoke to us about his role and how the SU can benefit students. 

Hi, my name’s Jack and I am the Students’ Union President this year.

What do you do as Students’ Union President?

In my role, I help students around the College where I can, whether it be with their wellbeing or just if they want to provide feedback as an example.

I also run the Students’ Union, and help to put on events throughout the year, such as Freshers Fayres, Celebration of Culture and our Remembrance Day to name a few. I want to make sure these events run smoothly as well as involve students at all times.

Jack music student

Why did you run for Students’ Union President?

I ran for President as I want to give students a voice and I want to make sure they have someone to turn to whilst they are at College.

I was in the Students’ Union last year as the Marketing and Communications Officer. Through my time in this role, I feel I have developed significantly and now am able to help push the College forward.

Can I join the Students’ Union at EKC Ashford College?

You can join our Students’ Union by speaking to me or Lynette (Student Experience Officer). There are a variety of roles available for anyone to apply for – why not give it a go and apply today? You can also apply by scanning the QR code on posters that are located around College.

What roles are available?

The roles available this year in our Students’ Union include:

  • Vice President
  • Event Planner
  • HR Officer
  • Adult Learner Officer
  • Environmental/Sustainability Officer
  • Equality. Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Mental Health Officer
  • Marketing and Communications Officer
  • ALS (Additional Learning Support) Officer

Why should I join the Students’ Union?

A reason that you should join the students’ union as it will give you great communication and teamwork skills, and will stand out on your CV when you apply for jobs in the future. In our Students’ Union, you can make the changes that are best for everyone, and it’s such a responsible and amazing thing to do and be part of.

Why would you recommend EKC Ashford College?

We have lots of good events, some of which will be new this year. There is a great student community here in which anyone and everyone can get involved, and the College itself is quite close to town! This allows for more opportunities during the year such as work experience, in-depth community projects and more.

To learn more about our Students’ Union in person, speak to Jack or Student Experience Officer Lynette in College at anytime. They can be found at the student experience desk on the ground floor.