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KFE Skills Competition 2024

12 March 2024
We are extremely proud of what our students have achieved during the KFE heats and finals 2024.

After competing against the rest of East Kent College Group in the heats, the winners of the heats went onto compete against North Kent College and MidKent College in various categories. The categories our learners competed in included Hairdressing, Early Years and Plumbing.

Austen competed in the Plumbing category and won Gold at the KFE Final at EKC Folkestone College.

For the competition, he was challenged to perform technical skills to replicate a pipework drawing with accuracy.

Plumbing Student Austen wins gold at KFE Finals
Austin (Left) Winning Gold in Plumbing at the KFE Final

When replicating the pipework he demonstrated, measuring and cutting pipes, bending copper tube, joining pipes using a variety of fittings and working in a safe manor. The judges were very impressed with the way he worked and was awarded a Gold medal.

Plumbing student with his winning pipework for the KFE Final.
Austen's show piece creating copper pipework from a drawing.

Hairdressing students Isabelle Pye and Kayleigh Thirtle competed at MidKent Gillingham where Isabelle achieved Gold in the Avant Garde category and Kayleigh Silver in the Eras category.

In the Avant Garde category, Isabelle had to create a fantasy look that included hair, makeup and costume. Before creating the Alice-In-Wonderland inspired look, she created a mood board that was displayed throughout the competition.

In the Eras category Kayleigh created a look from an era of her choice. Similarly to the Avant Garde category, Kayleigh was challenged to create a mood board with her ideas and inspiration. This board was displayed alongside her finished look.

Early Years students, Emily Archard and Gabriella Morgan produced a resource to support the cognitive development of an adult service user within a health and social care setting. The students worked together to create a memory bag to improve cognitive impairment for service users with Dementia.  They were judged on planning, creation, instructions for use and quality of resource.

Health and Social care students win Bronze at KFE Competition.
Emily Archard and Gabriella Morgan with their memory bag.

Health and Social Care lecturer, Joanne Stokes, attended the competition, and said: “This competition has been good for students to use their imagination to find ways in which to help service users and share ideas with students from other colleges, and the competition is a little bit of fun for them as well.”

To everyone who took part in the heats and finals, we are very proud of what you have achieved and how you have demonstrated all your skills.  

Congratulations to:

  • Austen Stemp – Gold in Plumbing.
  • Isabelle Pye – Gold in Hairdressing (Avante Garde)
  • Kayleigh Thirtle – Silver in Hairdressing (Eras)
  • Emily Archard and Gabriella Morgan – Bronze in Early Years