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Media students got a sneak peek behind the scenes at Maidstone studios with UCA

19 February 2024
Media students visit UCA Maidstone TV Studios

Our Media students went to the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Maidstone Studios to have a sneak peek around the TV studios and hear about their exciting courses as part of their progression unit. 

After arriving at the studios, the students had a presentation about the variety of campus’ UCA have and what courses they have on offer. After this, the students got to speak to UCA students that are working with companies onsite. This gave a great overview of what they would be doing and what they should have in their showreel when applying. 

Learners were taken on a studio tour exploring the facilities of their 6,000 square-foot studio and then into the rooms where the director, producer, lighting, sound, and others controls what is happening inside the studio. Whilst in this room they went through what each piece of equipment does and how the students get to come in and get hands-on experience while on work experience. 

Then they had lunch in an American-style diner which they have shot some TV shows in before but now use as catering for the cast and crew of the TV shows. It felt just like we were part of a film crew.

After lunch, we went back into the studio to do a workshop on how to be a cameraman whilst on set and how they would operate 2 sets of cameras and have a switchboard that would control what camera is on the ‘production’ screen. The production screen is what the viewer would see when watching the show. The students had great fun moving the cameras around and pretending to be presenters for an upcoming show.

Learner using the camera as part of the UCA visit
Andrew practising being a cameraman.

Paris, one of the media learners, said: “Coming to Maidstone was an amazing experience for me and my class. It was very beneficial to my course as it gave me more insight into what I could become.” 

Another learner, Andrew said: “The most interesting part was the hands-on equipment and getting an idea of what I can do. It was worth looking around and seeing the place to learn. It is great to see the space where high-level actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and directors have been. It was great to see the opportunities that can come from learning here. Just through the discussion and walking around you can see they have the contacts and the resources to go straight into the industry.” All the students found the day memorising, and some were hooked into looking more into UCA – Maidstone Studios and what they have to offer.