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Phase 2 extension launched at EKC Ashford College

3 November 2023
EKC Ashford College’s new state-of-the-art expansion is now officially open.

EKC Ashford College’s new state-of-the-art expansion is now officially open, with the first staff and students already making the most of the facilities.

The extension, funded in part through the Post-16 Capacity Fund in 2021 and the Strategic Development Fund (SDF), is poised to contribute not only to the educational landscape of Ashford but also to the broader community. The development brings with it new classrooms, laboratories and an ‘Engineering Hub’ that will change how students are taught in many different areas of the College.

Engineering workshop

CEO of East Kent Colleges Group, Graham Razey, has being working with the community of Ashford to bring the Phase 2 extension to life, since the Group’s acquisition of Ashford College in 2020. He spoke passionately about the significance of the building at the College’s launch event, saying: “It was a pleasure to welcome Ashford College as part of the East Kent Colleges Group and we’re looking forward to future growth. Ashford deserves to have this world-leading kit and students are thrilled about it.”

Among the highlights that can be found include industry-standard equipment, cutting-edge workshops, and technologically advanced classrooms that create an immersive learning environment.

The industry-standard equipment includes CNC Machines and technology from XYZ Machines, which will give Engineering students the most up to date skills they need for their futures.

A standout feature of the Engineering Hub is the inclusion of three programmable KUKA robots, allowing students to gain hands-on experience by programming them to perform complex tasks. This interactive approach to learning prepares students for the challenges of an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Damian Green MP attended the Colleges’ launch event of Phase 2 and was guest of honour at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. During his speech, he emphasized just how this development crucial need for such expansions to support the town’s growth and ensure a steady supply of highly skilled workers.

He said: “The building has already got a lot of very modern top-of-the-range kit and hopefully, it will produce very modern, top-of-the-range workers. Local businesses will be able to find on their doorstep, people they want to employ.”

He also highlighted the importance of the College’s appearance as the first impression for visitors exiting Ashford International, praising the attractive design that seamlessly integrates with the original building.

As EKC Ashford College continues to evolve, it remains committed to bridging the gap between education and industry, shaping a future where students thrive in fulfilling and impactful careers.

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